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Worldviews that are being discussed in today's marketplace are not being discussed compassionately or lovingly, even when Biblical beliefs are being defended.  We have a polarized environment now.  Lines are drawn, defenses are up, people are poised for attack and unfortunately, in many instances, some beliefs are so intolerant that we can't even hold a conversation without someone yelling or getting up and leaving the room.  Something has to give.


Why share a worldview or your belief with others?  


We live together.  Maybe not in the same house, but certainly in the same country, state, city or even neighborhood.  We live next to one another.  We are co-workers.  Our kids play together and we are going to be along side one another for the rest of our lives.  Why wouldn't you get to know one another?


Can we come together and open up a dialogue to share worldviews?  


I think it's imperative in this pluralistic society, that we open up a dialogue with one another.  We need to stop being afraid of what others think or believe and express our thoughts in a relevant and respectful manner.  It can be done, I've experienced it first hand.  


But there's the rub.   


We live in a polically correct world, where if what I believe offends you, then someone is going to tell me to keep it myself.  I actually had a self-proclaimed "Christian" manager tell me that once, "You really shouldn't tell people you're a Christian..."  Her rationale was, "If they know you're a Christian, they will hold you to a higher standard."  Truthfully - WE SHOULD be held to a higher standard.  We live in a society, that is starting to call out Christians as intolerant and saying, we no longer have the right to discuss our beliefs outside of our own home or church.




Some people just simply won't take kindly to the mention of the name Jesus, but many others, if you speak to them with dignity and respect - the idea of sharing ideas can even become palatable.  Paul in Ephesians said, speak to others in truth and love.  What better way, to share an idea.  People will disagree with one another, it's inevitable, but we can and should still make every effort to get along with one another.


The purpose of this site is multi-faceted, but I'll attempt to compile the short list:


* Discuss difficult questions in today's marketplace

* Give some insight into different worldviews, from first-hand conversations

* Provide resources to help people build their faith in God

* Cite instances of hope - people helping one another despite their differences


Need You Now - Music
This song has meant a lot to me in my walk..One of the worship leaders at our church recorded this music, in his voice. What a blessing.
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What an amazing opportunity it was to evangelize in Germany.  The trip may be over, and we may be back at it, with "life" but God moved in amazing ways and is continuing to do so.

God is so good!!!

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"Germany Mission"

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