God Paid It Foward
God Paid It Foward

Devotionals & General Study

There are so many topics that one can discuss about a person's path and relationship with God.


A lot of this subject matter has been included in men's meetings that I have been part of for the last several years.  Generally they include foundational scripture and notes to get the conversations going and get the group to start critically thinking.


Each one of these topics was designed to be between 30 and 60 minutes of discussion.  Quite frankly, some have pushed into 2 hours easily, because of the implications therein.  Feel free to work through these as self study or share with a group.  Larger groups could extend the time, depending on participation. Mind you, as we had our meetings, there were usually additional questions that would spawn off of answers and so the result was very dynamic.  A lot of growth of faith in God and confidence in our walk with Him has occurred in these meetings, so praise to God for that.


Please feel free to utilize any of these resources as a starting point for discussion.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email through the contact form and we'll get back with you.

What an amazing opportunity it was to evangelize in Germany.  The trip may be over, and we may be back at it, with "life" but God moved in amazing ways and is continuing to do so.

God is so good!!!

Read about the trip: 

"Germany Mission"

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