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Laird Family Tree

Stuck at John Lard on my family line.  He's reported to have been born 1792 near Charleston, SC (in a Sangamon County document prior to 1900) - May people seem to think that he lines up through the Adam Lard/Lucretia Creasy family line, but at this moment, I haven't seen that fit.  Here is where I'm at so far.


2015 11/24
John Lard:  It has been suggested that John Lard was born near Charleston, SC in 1792, by a book written over Sangamon County history.  To date, I have no proof or even suggested proof to corroborate this claim.  This same history claim, states that Tabitha Jones (formerly Lard - m. Robert Jones in KY) is the sister of John Lard.
A record that I do have some confidence in is the Census record for Sangamon County, IL 1880 for Josiah Lard, who is John Lard's son, born 1819 - was aged 61 during this census.  I also have the headstone photograph for Josiah showing date.  By all accounts at this time, this is the correct Josiah.  In the census, Josiah or other from his family stated that Josiah's father was born in Kentucky and mother Lydia Todd was born in Kentucky.  I have the supposition so far stating that Lydia Todd's parent were married in Madison County, Kentucky March 7, 1799 and that Lydia was born shortly after.  Wikitree states Lydia was born in MO with a birth of 1801.  I also don't have anything to substantiate MO birthplace of Lydia Todd.  Right now, I have the most conclusive statement from the census of Josiah Lard where it states both parents John and Lydia were both born in Kentucky.
Lydia's family was in Madison County, KY.
Several Lards/Laird were in Fayette/Jessamine Counties which actually lay next to Madison County.  Many other surrounding counties were Lard's/Laird's as well.  Still trying to connect.
Two statements that give significant implications:
1. John went to visit his uncle Hezekiah Lard in Missouri at the age of 15.  Couple points here of interest:
Point A. If John was 15 when he moved to be with Hezekiah, it would have been around the years 1807 which is about 8 years after Hezekiah(akaEzekiel)Lard who obtained land in late 1790's and died right at the turn of the century. (noted below)  
OR - Point B.  If this is the correct Hezekiah, which there seems to be a link - that would put John as having been before 1792 which doesn't seem likely at this time -
OR - Point C.  John was not 15 when he came out to be with his uncle.
Points A & C seem more likely presently.
2. Tabitha Lard Jones is the sister of John Lard - They both came from Kentucky, they lived near each other and I have links to a couple other people where there is proximity as well.
But, be that as it may, John Lard is where I am currently stuck.
Josiah Lard (1819 in MO) m. Jemima Crowder 1842 (headstone photograph)
Joab J Lard (1844 in Il) m. Mary J. Stroud 1865 (headstone photograph)
My G-Grandfather: F.A. Laird (1878 in Il) m. Angie Colean 1898 (headstone photograph)
My Grandfather..
My Dad..
To get past John Lard, I have a couple different branches that might pan out.
2015 11/15
Hezekiah Lard/Lord/Leard (aka Ezekiel) Lived with younger brother John, had a son John and is recorded as also having a nephew by the name of John
I found a John Jr. recorded, in relation to the estate of Hezekiah/Ezekiel in Missouri, where John is reported to have "gone off to Illinois or Indiana" and married Lydia Todd at the correct date 6/24/1818
John Lard's father died in Kentucky and John left at about the age of 15 to be with his Uncle Hezekiah.  John Left from Kentucky to MO, then Illinois - ultimately Sangamon County.
John Lard also reported to have a sister Tabitha born just a couple years after him and was married in Kentucky, before she and her husband "Jones" moved to Illinois as well (Sangamon County)
If - and this is a big if... but if after my talk with "source" (big into genealogy on the Lairds/Lards/Leards) later this month, I might be able to get the sources, to tie us into a line dating back to 1698 (William Laird - in Scotland) ***
And if - I can get "source" to respond, he claims to have Lairds back to ~1620 - 3 more generations back from William - to "John Laird" in Scotland, near/by Glasgow.  All of this is an "If", but would be really cool. ***
*2/23/2016 - The "IF" isn't panning out.  Trying to get the resource to provide assistance still.
*** 6/13/2016  - Both of these sources did not deliver the goods.
Current inquiry - If anyone has a connection either up or down the genealogical line of : 
1. John Lard - b. ~2/12/1792 SC,  - d. 11/16/1845 Sangamon County, Illinois m. Lydia Todd 1818 (Lydia died 1824) / m. Elizabeth Kelly
2. Tabitha (maiden-Lard) Jones b. ~1795 SC,  m. 1818 Barren County, KY - John Lard's presumed sister 
3. Thomas Lard/Lord (w/son Dennison/Denison Lord) - Possible brother of Tabitha - also likely related to Joab Lard - b. ~1794 KY d. After 1860, Wyalusing, WI
If you have info on any of these people, I would be very interested in hearing from you.

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God is so good!!!

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